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This Sinful Sunday it’s my blog anniversary, yes I’ve been here for two years now! I must say that I’ve grown very fond of my blog and it gave me an opportunity to express myself. As for the future, I’ve promised myself to do more writing and try and have more discipline with writing. I’m grateful for all the people who have visited my blog and all the lovely people I’ve met along the way.
You all are the best! * hugs*



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Sinful Sunday

This Sinful Sunday I’m craving for kink in my life. I’ve come to realize that kink is a part of me that will slowly go crazy if ignored. And so far that part is slowly going crazy, seeing kink in everything. My dirty mind filled with fantasies and cravings. Wanting to have a kinky partner in crime. To do deliciously dirty things with and fuck the night away. To be taken, ravished, held close and taken again.

That is what I crave for.


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Sinful Sunday

This Sinful Sunday I’m introducing somebody new and sexy to you.
With more and more men joining in with Sinful Sunday, I persuaded (who can say no to me?) him to strip down as well and show off his sexy body (but especially his ass though *grabs and pinches*)

During the day you might not notice him at first, hiding in the corner…

1365063053973 (2)

Don’t you just adore that cute ass?

But at night he comes out to play….

1365063202138 (2)


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Sinful Sunday

Because it’s Thursday, it is: Half-Nekkid Thursday! 
I loved the symmetry of this picture (if you don’t pay attention to the line in the background at least)
This one got inspired by Yummy her HNT post, and you can also find more HNT here.
Yes I have been up to much lately, shockingly.
There is a life beyond sex and all (surprise) and yes this post isn’t going to be about sex (at least that’s how I planned it)
Since I’m a student and the school life has started again I’ve been busy with a lot of schoolstuff (catching up with some stuff from last year doesn’t help either) This week was all about a one week project with a group. We had to come up with a concept for a company in 1 week. All fun and all but a project group can drain the energy right out you. Especially if you work with people that just can’t stop joking around. 
You’ll laugh but in the end it’s just draining more energy. 
It’s been a fun assignment but I can only last a week without yelling at somebody. (not that I yell at people, usually I just walk away and avoid them (to make sure I don’t hit them for acting stupid))
Thanks to being half sick lately I haven’t been up to much sexy stuff (sadly) but thanks to the starting school year I do seem to fantasize a bit more about teachers (not cliche at all) 
I do seem to have a lot of pretty young and cute teachers for some reason and their cute butts just yell: “Pinch me!” 
I must say that I always behave myself apart from some occasional sexual jokes (but I only do that with other students though) still funny to do cause you can shock people with it. 
Most funny is when you both have a relationship and just shock people with funny sexual innuendoes.
People seem to be shocked more then (and that’s funny)
Love and kisses to all,


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