My name is Rose and I tweet and blog about sex and everything related. Trying to make the world better one shag a time. Also I´m a 6 foot amazon.

I started blogging because I liked writing and I started to be more interested in everything related with sex (not everything but most things)
Being very curious and very open minded I emerged myself in trying new things and people.

Swinging is also something that intrigued me and I tried that together with my boyfriend in a sex club/ swingers club and I also do date others. So far I haven’t dated with a girl (especially alone, even though I know my bf would definitely want a threesome. But to be fair, who doesn’t?) But I would totally love to date a girl. So far my only girl on girl action was in the sex/swingers club but I would love to have more experiences and girl kisses.

I consider myself very open minded and I would love to try everything at least once. In my mind if you haven’t tried anything you do not know what you could have been missing but I do have boundaries. I don’t do anything too extreme or too kinky. I consider myself a switch (but I enjoy teasing a lot so more dominant). I am not really into the pain side of BDSM, I just like to play around. See where it goes and not label it.The fact that I with people other then my boyfriend still doesn’t make me somebody who just sleeps around and does it with everybody. (I admit, there are a lot of people I would do without even knowing a name or talking but I am picky about those)

If there is anything else you would like to know or suggest something that I could put here, feel free to send me an email :

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