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This TMI is about the famous and forgotten, of course sex related 😉

1. Have you ever had sex with someone famous or who later became famous, if only locally?

I suppose yes on this one, totally had sex with someone in a band. Not sure if they got really famous though. But in my eyes, if you have a CD released and people actually buy it, you’re somewhat famous.

2. In the spirit of Six Degrees of Separation, have you had sex with someone who had sex with someone who had sex with someone who . . . someone famous?

How the hell are you supposed to know that? I’m sure everything is possible with the Six Degrees of Separation! 😉
With the normal degrees I would get to a Hollywood actor with just one guy in between. Unlikely that the one guy had sex with the other though, being family and all…

3. In the opposite direction, have you had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?

*thinks* Does having sex with somebody who didn’t give you their real name count?

4. Someone whose name you knew then but have forgotten?

Sadly, no. I do remember everything! Oh wait I do not remember one! *pondering* Yup really don’t know his name anymore!

5. Someone who you suspect may have forgotten you?

No clue, but could it may have happened. Anything could happen!


I’ve decided to participate in the stocking fillers, as the lovely!/heelsnstocking has come up with so feel free to also join in the naughty stocking fillers and share your experiences!
First of all I would like to share some of my favorite pictures of the year and they are the following: 
 Of course I have a lot of pictures I like and this is only a little selection but these are definitely on the top of my list.
1) What was your most memorable sexual moment?
I must say that it definitely was the visit with my bf to a sex club.
It certainly was a night I will never forget, cause I had my first girl on girl experience! And I must say I did enjoy it 😉
2) What firsts did you try this year?
I did try a whole lot of things this year. Most of them where at the sex club
Like mentioned in the post before;
First visit to a sex club
First girl kiss 
First tasting a girl (I’ll let you think about that one)
First letting be tasted 😉
3) What would you like to try for 2012?
More girl action! 
A real spanking would also be nice (as I am curious and a very naughty girl)
On that note, I would like to try and get my bf to be a bit more dom like in the bedroom. He certainly is learning at least.
I’m also open for a lot of other new things so I’m happy to see what’s going to happen next year!
Something what is also definitely on my to do list is meeting some of you for a tweetup or at the EroticMeet some of you might be familiar with. If you haven’t heard of it, put yourself in the naughty corner and go look at

4) What’s on your sex toy shopping list for 2012? 
A Hitachi certainly is on my shopping list, I’m just dying to try one.
Also I’ve heard pretty good stuff about LELO vibrators so I’m also interested in trying one of those.
At least 2 pair of good quality pretty stockings, it’s really hard to find those so might
And since I love bustiers and corsets, I certainly will make it a goal next year to find a pretty one to strap my sexy body into 😉
A gift from our readers…
Of course the icing on the Christmas Cake is we want pictures of our readers enjoyment…. Yes that is you masturbating, which we want sending over the festive period reading to publish on our blogs 28th of December (ish) subject to family stuff going on. Send you images via twitter or email. My email is, don’t feel shy you can also send one secretly (even more exciting if you don’t know who it is!) Also be creative and surprise me, I’m not afraid of anything 😉
A full list of who’s playing is on side bar.

Last night I went to a swingers club with my boyfriend.
We both never did anything like this before so we both were excited and nervous.
I put on something sexy after showering and we got into the car.
After a few minutes we could see the club coming up and we drove onto the parking lot. We parked the car and went to the door. My boyfriend rang the doorbell and the door buzzed open.

There was another couple in front of us and we waited for them to pay and go inside. The woman behind the counter was one of the owners and she sat in sexy lingerie. She asked us if we ever been to a swingers club and we said that it’s our first time ever. She explained how it worked and she got us a girl who would give us a tour. After the tour of the girl (who also worked as live entertainment including striptease and live desert table) we walked towards the lockers and got into our lingerie. The dress code is lingerie and some people take that seriously and some people just walk around in whatever they happen to wear. We went to the bar, gave the key to the locker to the barman and ordered something to drink. Then we sat down and looked around.

It started to get more crowded inside and we looked around for people we were attrackted to. I noticed a woman with long blonde hair and a sexy outfit on. I told my bf that I thought she was hot and he thought the same. She was with her husband and he looked alright but not my type. We decided to stay downstairs to watch the live entertainment first and the husband of the blonde got a lapdance from the girl.

After a few drinks, more entertainment and some more people walking in we decided to take a look upstairs and see if there was any action. We talked to the woman and her husband and they also decided to take a look upstairs. There were a few couples busy and my boyfriend and I decided to sit down at the side of a hallway on a sofa where you could oversee a lot. The other couple was also wondering around and they decided to sit down next to us.

Before I knew it I was making out with her and her hands went over my body. I loved every bit of it and explored her body. She went over my boobs  and pulled my bra aside. She gently bit my nipple and then pretty hard. (I have the bite marks to prove that one) While she was biting my nipples my hand went over her pussy and I started rubbing her through her panties. She also wore a bra and a net outfit over that. She moaned as I rubbed her and she went over my wet pussy with her hand. She felt that I was pretty wet and slipped a finger inside.

In the mean time there were several people who were watching us and they stood around us. I kissed my boyfriend while he also went over my body and her husband did the same. They were both touching us while we touched each other. She went down on me and started to lick me and put a few fingers in me. While she licked me my boyfriend kissed me and the other guy grabbed my boob. I felt her tongue going over my clit and her fingers inside my pussy. Thrusting in and out and giving me pleasure. After that she sat down and I took her panties off. My head went down and I started licking her clit. She moaned while I started sucking and I put a finger inside her wet pussy. I flicked my finger inside her and she moaned while I felt the hand of my boyfriend going over my pussy. Suddenly her moaning stopped and I noticed that her husband put his hard cock inside her mouth and he was fucking her mouth.

All of this happened with people walking by, standing and watching. I started to suck my boyfriends cock and  she slid under me and started licking me while her husband licked her.

To be continued….

Love and kisses to all,

After some chatting online and exchanging mails and numbers we agreed too meet each other. We chose a city in the middle and set a time and date.
He told me that he liked lingerie and stocking suspenders/hold ups. I promised him to wear something sexy. He really wanted to know if I would put on panties and I left him in the dark with that.

Sitting in the train I was excited and a little nervous. He texted me that he was on his way and he was looking forward to meet me. I texted him that I arrived and he said that he was on his way. Standing at the platform waiting I saw him walking up the stairs. He was very sexy and the perfect height. We walked towards each other and we started kissing. He kissed me gently and he surprised me with his tongue

After we where done kissing, we walked out of the station and into the city. We sat down in the sun and ordered a drink. We talked, very relaxed and we got on pretty well. While we were talking his hand went over my legs and under my dress until he reached the edge of the hold up I was wearing. He smiled and asked if I was wearing panties. I didn’t answer his question and said that he had to find out on his own.
For the rest of the time that we sat there he tried to find out if I was wearing panties.

When we finished our drinks we decided to walk back to the station. While we were walking he put his arm around me and he slowly went lower and lower with his hand. Until he found what he was looking for; a thong line. Now he tried to find out what color it was. While we were walking we stopped and started kissing. The second time he pressed me against a wall and I felt his hips pressed against mine. He clearly was horny and he asked if I had time to come to his car.

We started kissing the moment we sat down in the car and his hand went under my dress. He wanted my panties and I let him take them off. Then his hand slid up my legs and he started fingering me while he felt that I already was very, very wet. I was soaking wet and he had to pull my dress down a few times because people were walking by. We decided to go to a more quiet spot with the car.

While we were driving, I kept rubbing his pants and I felt his cock growing in his pants. He kept fingering me and he even managed to hit my g spot a couple of times, while driving. We reached a quiet parking spot and we kissed each other. He moved me and he started licking me. His lips felt so good and his fingers went inside me. He wildly licked me and I could feel my orgasm coming, that was how horny I was. He sensed that I was close and thrusts his fingers wildly in and out. Moaning loudly I came and I started to undo his pants. Unleashing his cock I immediately started sucking him. He moaned and enjoyed my  mouth around his cock. I took his cock all the way in my mouth and started to go faster.
With a loud moan he released all his sperm in my mouth. I took it all and swallowed it. He loved it.
And that concludes my sexy story for now, I’m sure that we will date again and do more sexy, horny things.

Love and kisses to all,


Before I knew it I was waiting for D in the city. Just a few hours before we agreed meeting and we went through the options together. We could meet, go for a drink, go to his place, go to a sauna and more. We agreed meeting and decided on the spot where to go.
My heart was racing when I saw somebody pulling over and then I saw him. He was even sexier then in his pictures and he had a big smile on his face when he saw me. I probably did too. We walked over to each other and started kissing right away. While we were kissing, I smelt his nice scent and I felt his body against mine. My hands wondered over back and I felt his cute butt. Nice and firm, just how I like it.

We stood there kissing for a few minutes and then he stepped back and looked at me.
With heels on I was slightly taller then him and he noticed that. He didn’t suspect that but he thought it was cute.
Together we decided that we wouldn’t bother with going for a drink but straight to his place.
Arriving at his house I walked up the stairs before him. His hands went underneight my skirt and I paused on the stairs. He started feeling my ass and gave a kiss on my cheeks. I started walking up the stairs again and he offered me a drink. I took of my coat and took the drink. We kissed again and quickly decided to go to the bedroom.

We put down the drinks and fell on the bed. He immidiately started me kissing wildly and while I returned that our hands were all over our bodies.  His hands went under my skirt and he felt that I already was soaking wet. My hands went from his ass to the front and I felt that he was very horny. D started to stroke me while kissing and I moaned slightly.
He pulled my thong off and I took my shirt and bra off. I undid his buttons of his shirt and opened his pants.

We took off all the clothes we had left and we started kissing wildly. I could feel his passion and also could see it. He went down on me while kissing and I felt his lips on me.

To be continued.

Love and kisses to all,

Sex is a funny thing, especially when you want it. I’ve got to say that it totally depends on whether you are a man or a woman. If a woman wants sex, she can get it. If a man wants sex, totally different there.

If you go on a site for sex hook ups, you’ll find a man near you in no-time. (Trust me there are at least hundreds in a 5 mile radius) Finding a girl on the other hand is totally different. Plus you got a lot of competition and to find a woman that is into you and isn’t interested in other man is hard. Really hard.

Getting a woman would be a lot easier if you got the looks, money, fame or power. Admit it girls, when somebody has all or 1 of those things, you would do him faster. I am no different, I admit that I find guys more attractive if they have one of those features. Difference is that I also like my guys smart, so there goes about half of the market for me. (If not, more then half)
Also I’m a sucker for a cute smile and love it when a guy is a bit shy and nerdy.

But I have got to say, even when you are a woman and are looking for a woman, it is still hard to find somebody who is also looking for a woman and likes you.

Love and kisses to all!!


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