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1. What’s your dirtiest secret?
I’m an attention slut, yes really. Otherwise I have no idea what my dirty secret could be… maybe you guys and girls?

2. What’s the sweetest thing you have done for someone?
I’m always sweet but I do give gifts to people because it made me think of them.

3. What’s your favorite foreplay act to give? Receive?
I love to tease and be teased, in any way…

4. State five (5) facts about your body.

I have very, very, very long legs.

I’m a proud redhead

I’m bendy…

I have a three-pack

I get very, very, very wet

5. Would you like to fondle the person next to you?

Of course! I do love to fondle, especially ass… yes I’m an ass girl…

Bonus: Penis or vagina? Why?

Penis, cause nothing beats having it inside you… And a penis is sooo much easier then a vagina (at least with having one)

If you would like to see more of TMI Tuesday and see what other people have answered, just go over to the blog and find out!

1. What’s more important – length or width? Why?
A bit of both is important I think. With only width or length you wouldn’t come that far obviously. It counts what you do with it and not how it looks.
But if you would put a gun to my head and make me choose I would have to choose I would go for length, cause I do like it deep…..

2. Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?
I haven’t encountered one that was too big for me so far.

3. Best place to put a penis?
Best place to put it with me is my pussy of course, no doubt about that! But I don’t mind it in my mouth either and the penis doesn’t mind that at all either.

4. If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?
First I would play with it and then I would try and have sex with it of course! 
Also a important one I would want to try then is pee standing up, because I can then.

5. You’re a penis, which love canal (that’s a vagina) would you most like to visit:
a. short and shallow
b. fall into the gap, gliding smoothly along the slick walls
c. tight suction lip-lock
d. none, I prefer the back door thank you

This one is more tricky to answer cause I have no clue how it feels for a penis to be inside a vagina. But I can sure imagine B and C to be very pleasant to visit.

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