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Adult dating is a tricky thing, especially being a woman you get a lot of attention but you have to go through a lot of messages and profiles to find the decent guys and girls. I’ve been on several different sites and no matter what, you always get messages from weird guys (yes it’s mostly guys somehow).

I’ve experimented with mentioning that I’m a sex blogger and even telling in the first line that if you’re looking for an easy hook up that they should move on. And yes they still try. Just because I like to have sex with other people than my own boyfriend, doesn’t mean I’m not picky. Guys (again, yes it’s pretty much always the guys)  sending a one or two sentence message also doesn’t do it. Especially if you haven’t even taken the time to write a decent profile it’s not likely you’ll get a response. Even worse if they can’t manage to read my whole profile and the message clearly shows that they haven’t, I’m not likely to respond. Personally I don’t even know how they can think that might even work. Top tip: read a profile before you send a copy paste message to somebody 😉

I’ve found it to be easier to find people to have fun with online but it’s more tricky to find somebody who will match with you and doesn’t turn out to be creepy. That’s why I make sure I’ve talked to the person a whole lot more than just the general dirty talk. Anybody can do dirty talk typing, the real question is if they can live up to it. That’s why I generally talk a lot first and get to know the other person before actually agreeing to meet.

When it comes to meeting somebody I feel comfortable with talking to, I have no problem at all with that. I’m a bit chicken when it comes to asking people in person and rather be approached then do the approaching. Yes I know, I’m a bit shy when it comes to that stage. My name is Rose, I’m a sex blogger and I have trouble getting laid. Yes really. I wish I could be more straightforward, like the girl who asked me if I wanted to go home with her right away. I’m more cautious and rational usually but I do try. In a swingers club it’s easier though thanks to knowing everybody is there for the same reason 😉

Adult dating, is just like normal dating. You have to sift through a lot of weird messages and a lot of guys that aren’t worth any time. But eventually you will find some lovely people, just trust your instincts and be honest. Honesty I find very important, if a date says one thing and you find out it’s not true. Not a good impression at all. Personally I don’t understand why people would lie because it always comes out in the end. Especially big things like having a partner already and cheating. Trust me a girl always knows when you’re trying to trick her into thinking you’re single. And just like with normal dating you can get disappointed and even get your heart broken if you’re not careful.

When it comes to sites for adult dating, there are a lot of different sites. There are sites leading to others that even have information about adult dating and tips like XXX Sex Guides but more concrete there’s also ones like Fling (casual sex) ,Collar me (all bdsm) Alt (more bdsm and fetish)  SDC (for swingers) and okcupid (more mainstream but I like the features)  that can be used and I’m sure there’s plenty more out there. It also depends on what country you are in of course.

Just for fun, I’ll share some messages with you all.

‘Hmm you wanna know what my specialitis are about sex’


‘hello what’s it like in Amsterdam? Cuz am away to go there few months time’

Do I look like a information booth?

‘Hi, how you doing? Can we chat? ‘

Just as short: No.

‘Let’s sneak into the zoo after dark and steal the koala bears. ‘

I have got to admit, I gave him points for originality. But still weird…

‘Hi, let me start by saying I’m not going to ask for nudes or anything. Just want some tips on how to seduce women, since you’re an expert :3 ‘

Okay… I never said I’m an expert on seducing women. Being bisexual doesn’t mean I’m that of an expert on women all of a sudden.

‘well saw your profile and was gonna write a message to you 🙂 then searched your username on google.. found your blogs… checked photos carefully… enjoyed them 🙂 went to shower… and now i am your follower on twitter ! keep up the good work 😉 ‘

I’m flattered but why exactly are you telling me this?

‘Hello heavenly blessed beauty whose beauty is as timeless as those of the great pyramids. I would do battle with a group of hippopotamus with nothing more than a hand carved shank from a saudi arabian oil sheik, jump into a pirahna infested river with two rhinoceros beetles gnawing my testicles, and dive to the depths of the challenger deep with nothing but sarah jessica parkers queef’s as my air supply just to sit next to the guy who sat next to you on the bus in high school. ‘

Yes this is a real message I got and I was just as baffled and confused…. makes you wonder what the guy took…

Meeting someone fun online can be tricky, depending on what you are looking for. So far the most fun people I have met through events and Twitter. I do love meeting new people and with the right atmosphere at events there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people. So what are you waiting for? 😉

The 17th of March I went to the Extra Erotica fair in Eindhoven with my boyfriend, I wanted to go to the Kamasutra fair, but due to circumstances we couldn’t make it. I was really curious about it cause I have never been before, and was hoping for some good naughty fun. We drove there and after we parked the car we decided to go for some dinner. We walked into a restaurant and by just looking around you could easily spot people who were going to the fair. I had a seat that overlooked the window and once in a while between the families and kids, you could spot some naughty fair people. When I sat down and looked up from the menu I noticed that Kim Holland also was there. If you haven’t heard of her, shame on you! After dinner we went inside and that’s where the naughty begins….

Entering the fair we decided to make a lap around the stands and 2 stages to see what was there and check everything out. Soon we came to the BDSM stage where they were performing. A girl was being tied up and got all sorts of devices on her. Wasn’t really my cup of tea, nor my boyfriends so we wandered on. What I found astonishing was that there were a lot of young people. Last (and first time) I went to the Kamasutra fair there weren’t a lot of people our age but now there were a lot. Even a few groups of barely old enough kids, dressed as if they were playing in a rap video. Obviously they were there for the striptease acts and nothing else. There was a almost non stop main stage performance and I have got to admit that it was better then expected. There were a lot of good acts and a lot of different things, from spitting fire, till champagne showers.

Of course I made a little compilation of some of the stripteases. There’s something for everybody in it, guys, girls and combinations of them 😉

Of course that wasn’t the only reason we were there, we also were there cause there was a swingers area where you could do all kinds of naughty things. We stopped by there a few times during the breaks in the shows and looked around a bit. After the shows stopped, the after party started there so we went in and it was nice and busy and crowded. There was a dance floor and of course music. There were benches you could lounge on sit and talk. You could go further behind the curtain for the real naughty stuff.

Behind the curtain was a hallway with half open rooms with beds. There even was a jacuzzi and a dark room. All the way in the back was a larger room with 2 larger beds were already 3 couples were busy. Two girls were giving their partners blowjobs and the other couple was going at it doggy style. We found a spot next to a couple on a bed and started kissing. I sat on top of my boyfriend and slowly lowered myself on the floor. As I sat on my knees I opened my boyfriend his pants and released his already hard cock.
I started to lick his balls and work my way up from there. Reaching the tip of his cock I swirled my tongue around and licked it a few times before taking it into my mouth. I took it in all the way while teasing it with my tongue. On the way up I teased his sensitive spot and he moaned. Next to us the guy was also moaning from his blowjob and a little further the doggy style couple were also moaning and groaning. From this I got really wet and while blowing my boyfriend I could feel my pussy getting wetter in my crotchless panties.

I worked my way up again and crawled on top of the bed. I straddled him and lifted up my skirt, letting my wet pussy slide over his hard cock. Pressing myself against him, letting slide my sensitive spot over him. Feeling the pressure and the rubbing, making me moan. Making him moan. I was getting wetter and wanted more. I let his hard cock slip inside my wet pussy and started riding him.
Slowly, almost letting him out and pressing myself on him again. Quicker and quicker, both moaning.

I wanted him hard so I slipped out of him and said I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I sat on the edge of the bed and my boyfriend stood behind me. I lifted my skirt, showing my ass and my crotchless panties showed my wet pussy. I got on my knees and he entered me from behind. First slow, making me want more. Then faster and harder, taking me, hard. I felt his orgasm building and while I was moaning he came inside me.

After that we rearranged our clothes and went home feeling very naughty, would you? 😉


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