Questionable Invitations

1. You have been invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion.
Do you accept? What do you wear?

Of course I would accept, because it’s the Playboy Mansion and usually a lot of famous people walk around there and I love to watch (and no not stalk).
What to wear when I would go? I would go in a more Burlesque outfit I think, but still covering enough for the imagination 😉

2.(for women) You have been invited to a private dinner at Godfather’s Pizza by Herman Cain.
(for men) The wife of a Fortune 500 CEO, reputed to have had extramarital relationships, invites you to a private dinner when the husband is out of town.
Do you accept? Why or why not?

I had no idea who this guy even is, so I looked him up and when I saw him I was like…. noooo. I’d rather have the question for men cause I would go and have dinner with the wife. Sounds waaaaay better then eating Pizza with Herman Cain. 

3. Charlie Sheen (for women) or Your favorite female porn star (for men) is making a movie in the city where you live. You happen to meet him/her, and he/she suggests you stop by his/her hotel for a drink?
Do you go?

Again, why do the men get all the better options? I would love to have a drink with a porn star, but then again I would also have a drink with Charlie Sheen. Probably cause I want to know if he’s really that bad or it’s all an act. (Yes I’m a very curious girl, and love to snoop around)  

4. Your boss (of the opposite sex) who has been very flirty with you insists that when you’ve finished a project by working late or on a weekend you bring it by his/her house immediately?
Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you go alone or take a friend along?

Hey if it’s your work, of course I would drop it off. It’s not that weird, what’s weird is getting a ride to school from your gym teacher. It might be a bit awkward but doesn’t have sex written all over it.Totally different story if there was added that the boss opens the door scarcely dresses and invites you in… Okay my mind is distracted now, how about yours? 

5. You’re working on a political campaign. Late one evening, you get a call from the campaign manager saying the candidate (of the opposite sex) would like to see you right away in his/her hotel room.
Do you go? Yes or no.
Do you tell someone you are going there or keep it a secret?
What do you wear?

First of all, I would never work in politics cause I’m a very (very) bad liar but that’s not the question. I would go there, work stuff all bringing with me. If the candidate is hot I wouldn’t wear something sloppy and at least not something too revealing. Wouldn’t tell anybody either, why would I? If 
something bad happens to you (killing lets say) the campaign manager knows it. (unless he’s in on it and then you have a problem, but don’t worry the cops will find out)
Anyway if he’s hot I would definitely go there a little more hoping for sex then I would when he wasn’t hot. 

Bonus: What’s the best invitation you’ve received? Why is it memorable?

I’m not sure, maybe the best invitation is yet to come! Although the invitation to a premiere of a movie is pretty fun and memorable I guess. Especially it’s a rock’n roll kinda after party. 
I’m hoping for the new best invitation though, I’m pretty sure it will come along!