Last night I went to a swingers club with my boyfriend.
We both never did anything like this before so we both were excited and nervous.
I put on something sexy after showering and we got into the car.
After a few minutes we could see the club coming up and we drove onto the parking lot. We parked the car and went to the door. My boyfriend rang the doorbell and the door buzzed open.

There was another couple in front of us and we waited for them to pay and go inside. The woman behind the counter was one of the owners and she sat in sexy lingerie. She asked us if we ever been to a swingers club and we said that it’s our first time ever. She explained how it worked and she got us a girl who would give us a tour. After the tour of the girl (who also worked as live entertainment including striptease and live desert table) we walked towards the lockers and got into our lingerie. The dress code is lingerie and some people take that seriously and some people just walk around in whatever they happen to wear. We went to the bar, gave the key to the locker to the barman and ordered something to drink. Then we sat down and looked around.

It started to get more crowded inside and we looked around for people we were attrackted to. I noticed a woman with long blonde hair and a sexy outfit on. I told my bf that I thought she was hot and he thought the same. She was with her husband and he looked alright but not my type. We decided to stay downstairs to watch the live entertainment first and the husband of the blonde got a lapdance from the girl.

After a few drinks, more entertainment and some more people walking in we decided to take a look upstairs and see if there was any action. We talked to the woman and her husband and they also decided to take a look upstairs. There were a few couples busy and my boyfriend and I decided to sit down at the side of a hallway on a sofa where you could oversee a lot. The other couple was also wondering around and they decided to sit down next to us.

Before I knew it I was making out with her and her hands went over my body. I loved every bit of it and explored her body. She went over my boobs  and pulled my bra aside. She gently bit my nipple and then pretty hard. (I have the bite marks to prove that one) While she was biting my nipples my hand went over her pussy and I started rubbing her through her panties. She also wore a bra and a net outfit over that. She moaned as I rubbed her and she went over my wet pussy with her hand. She felt that I was pretty wet and slipped a finger inside.

In the mean time there were several people who were watching us and they stood around us. I kissed my boyfriend while he also went over my body and her husband did the same. They were both touching us while we touched each other. She went down on me and started to lick me and put a few fingers in me. While she licked me my boyfriend kissed me and the other guy grabbed my boob. I felt her tongue going over my clit and her fingers inside my pussy. Thrusting in and out and giving me pleasure. After that she sat down and I took her panties off. My head went down and I started licking her clit. She moaned while I started sucking and I put a finger inside her wet pussy. I flicked my finger inside her and she moaned while I felt the hand of my boyfriend going over my pussy. Suddenly her moaning stopped and I noticed that her husband put his hard cock inside her mouth and he was fucking her mouth.

All of this happened with people walking by, standing and watching. I started to suck my boyfriends cock and  she slid under me and started licking me while her husband licked her.

To be continued….

Love and kisses to all,