From this day on I am going to declare Sunday as Sexy Sunday. Who doesn’t like a nice sexy outfit?
I dare you, if you don’t you ain’t doing it right!

To start the Sexy Sunday off, I put on a sexy outfit and surprised my boyfriend with it. I laid in bed waiting (doing a sexy pose) By that time I was already pretty excited and wet and my boyfriend made me even wetter.
After some long forplay we had some amazing sexy sex (as it should be on sexy sunday)
For the rest of the day I have been walking in my sexy outfit hoping for some more action along the day.

Along with the sex I also did a little playing of my own, to make sure there is an orgasm. It’s the healthy thing to do if you have trouble having an orgasm during sex. If you don’t you just are fooling yourself. (and it’s also good foor you health to have an orgasm) Nothing wrong with liking sex and enjoying it but you have to keep in mind your own pleasure. For more pleasure and fun I also do a lot of online flirting and chatting with men and woman. I guess I’m a real flirty person and getting told you’re beautifull isn’t bad for your confidence either. Win-win situation cause the people I flirt with get the same treatment.

Love and kisses to all!