Sex is a funny thing, especially when you want it. I’ve got to say that it totally depends on whether you are a man or a woman. If a woman wants sex, she can get it. If a man wants sex, totally different there.

If you go on a site for sex hook ups, you’ll find a man near you in no-time. (Trust me there are at least hundreds in a 5 mile radius) Finding a girl on the other hand is totally different. Plus you got a lot of competition and to find a woman that is into you and isn’t interested in other man is hard. Really hard.

Getting a woman would be a lot easier if you got the looks, money, fame or power. Admit it girls, when somebody has all or 1 of those things, you would do him faster. I am no different, I admit that I find guys more attractive if they have one of those features. Difference is that I also like my guys smart, so there goes about half of the market for me. (If not, more then half)
Also I’m a sucker for a cute smile and love it when a guy is a bit shy and nerdy.

But I have got to say, even when you are a woman and are looking for a woman, it is still hard to find somebody who is also looking for a woman and likes you.

Love and kisses to all!!